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Scott and the bear-clawed window.

The first night in the cabin, we'd left windows open to enjoy the cool night air. During the night, we heard repeated a loud sound which I thought was Scott sneezing. Turns out, he'd heard a bear clawing the window of his bedroom, and coming out to warn the rest of us, had come face-to-face with the bear on the kitchen table! The sounds were him trying to (and succeeding in) scaring the bear away. After the story and cleaning up the disarray in the kitchen, I went back to my bed, which was just under the window sill in the "boy's dorm". I figured I better check the window, pulled the curtains, and there was the bear, 20 feet away, enjoying our bag of chocolate chip cookies. No more cooling breezes overnight for us.

The picture below shows Scott pointing out the fresh claw marks on his bedroom window. We figured the bear had been in the kitchen then gotten confused about which window to climb into, and was motivated to try opening that wrong one.