Check out a digital photo album of my October 2006 trip to China.

View pictures and videos of the 2001 Dublin St. Patrick 's Parade.

See photos of 1996's Hurricane Fran damage to my Raleigh home.

Finally, some photos of an earlier Far East vaction.

Other Assorted Pictures

My apologies, but I'll add more descriptive text, and maybe split the pages by location at some point in the future.

The castle in the center of Athlone

Rock of Cashel: Chapel Sculpture: Centaur vs. Lion

Rock of Cashel: Chapel Sculpture: Column Face

Rock of Cashel: Devil's Bite (story that Devil took a bite out of this hill)

Rock of Cashel: Cathedral and Tower

Rock of Cashel: Cathedral: Main hall

Rock of Cashel: Cathedral: Original tower ruins

Rock of Cashel: Part of a carved tombstone

Swan on Lough Ree (taken from tour boat)

Watercolor effect of same photo (a personal favorite)

Newgrange: Passage Tomb: Side view

Newgrange: Passage Tomb: Entry

Nice: Harbor view #1

Nice: Harbor view #2

Nice: Shoreline to airport (on point of land at left)

Nice: Shoreline view with market (small white roofs behind first row of buildings)

Nice: Public and private beaches alternate on the shore

Stockholm: Skansen Island and amusement park

Stockholm: The Vasa Museum and unknown